Especially if it comes to multi component injection molding, a vertical rotation table is used.
The mold plates has multiple cavities that shall be filled differently.
The first cavity, for example, is used to produce the main body for an ice scraper.
After the first injection process the mold is opened and the vertical rotation table transfer the movable side of the mold in a new position.
Doing this the part in the first cavity is moved to the second cavity.
After closing the mold the sealing is done on the part or the parting plane.
Then the second component will be injected into the second cavity.
This can be done for the handle area of the ice scaper in our example.
The rotation table can be programmed freely.
For a two component part it rotates normally around 180°, for a three component part 120°.

Vertical Rotation Table in Plastic Technology

Injection Molding Machine: Vertical rotation table unit (erected) before it is mounted into the injection mold.

Vertical Rotation Table in Plastic Technology

Injection Injection Molding Machine: Mounted vertical rotation table unit.

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