Tensile test

A tensile test on plastics is a test procedure used to determine the mechanical properties of plastics.
In this test method, a sample of the plastic is clamped in a testing machine and subjected to a tensile force under controlled conditions.
During the tensile test, various parameters are measured, including the load, strain and stress of the plastic.
These parameters are used to determine the elasticity, strength and toughness of the material.
The results of tensile testing can help optimize material design by providing information about the properties of the plastic that are important for the specific
Tensile testing is used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical to evaluate the quality and reliability of
of plastic parts and components.

Tensile test in Plastic Industry by Hochschule Aalen
Tensile test in Plastic Industry by Hochschule Aalen
Measuring Technology: Tensile Testing1
Measuring Technology: Tensile testing2

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