The demoulding process takes place at the end of each injection moulding cycle. Sometimes unfavourable demoulding conditions result in a loss of quality, such as ejector marks or stress whitening. These problems can often not be remedied by technological variations as many influencing factors are already to be found in advance with regard to material selection, plastic and process-relevant moulded part design as well as mould design. In order to investigate the demoulding behaviour and to improve it, there are measuring approaches, such as the demoulding force measurement, which are aimed at achieving practice-relevant results. For this purpose, force sensors are used in the ejector package. As a result, among other things, an analysis of the effectiveness of mould coatings or additives can be made and the demoulding force can be reduced.

Demolding Force Measurement in Plastic Industry by Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig

Measuring technology: The demoulding force measurement shows the impact of additives on the ejection

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