A group of experts in the plastic industry founded the company PLEXPERT, 2006 in Germany, in order to save resources, providing a positive impact on budget and environment.
There are two divisions within the company. One is focusing on finite element simulations (FEM) like injection molding simulation and structural analysis.
Based on decades of practical experience DFM conform results are given by the consultant service of PLEXPERT to decrease part costs and increase quality in the production of plastic parts.
The second division is focused on the development and supply of soft- and hardware to the plastic industry. With the state of the art products PLEXPERT contributes to secure production and reduce the need of precious resources.
Today PLEXPERT has offices in Canada, Germany, Thailand and China in order to support its customers fast and effectively.
Due to a close network of plastic experts, partners are available in many other countries as well and offer PLEXPERT products and services.

PLEXPERT in Plastic Industry

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