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Injection molding defects: Break

Learn about the most important points that need to be taken care of to ensure strong parts.

IR-ThermalSystem – First steps

Learn how to use IRTS for quality control in injection molding process

Injection molding defects: Voids

Learn about causes, how to avoid backflow and proper melt delivery
ComoDataCenter - eLearning course


User training – How to install and work with ComoDataCenter
Injection molding defects – Discoloration

Injection molding defects: Discoloration

What can be done if the color of the part does not meet quality criteria any more?
Effective cooling - eLearning course

Effective cooling

How to design a perfect cooling layout. How to reduce energy consumption and cycle time
Surface defects - eLearning course

Surface defects

Visible areas on plastic parts need to be perfect. See how this could be achieved
Injection molding defects – Grooves - eLearning course

Injection molding defects: Grooves

What will cause this kind of surface damage and how to avoid it?
Injection molding defects – Warpage - eLearning course

Injection molding defects: Warpage

One of the most critical problem in production. See how to minimize the effects
Injection molding defects – Incomplete Filling - eLearning course

Injection molding defects: Incomplete filling

Every setter knows about this problem. But what are the reasons and how to solve it?
ComoNeo - eLearning course


Process monitoring system for injection molding and composite applications. User training – How to set up and work
Xscale - eLearning course

Xscale introduction

See what a scale can be used for in production
Moldex3D eDesign - eLearning course

Moldex3D 2022 - First Steps

From model preparation, setting boundary conditions up to new simulations

Lets talk about:

Lets talk about:


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