Good quality plastic parts are achieved when the boundary conditions in production are stable.

In addition to the set process parameters such as melt temperature, injection and packing pressure time, etc., there are also influencing variables that have received little attention to date.

These include the ambient temperature in the production process itself.

Depending on the process, this can have a critical effect on the quality of the injection moulded parts produced.
For example, the temperature on the mold surface will drop if a hall door is opened near the machine.

The AmbientScan module has been developed to monitor the temperatures in a production cell.
The integrated sensors record the temperature, air pressure, volume and humidity and send the data to a central server.

This allows trends to be visualised over days and weeks so that fluctuations can be counteracted by automatically generated alarm messages.

Ambient Scan in Plastic Industry

Measuring technology: Ambient scan with open front panel and view of the sensors

Ambient Scan in Plastic Industry

Measuring technology: Data is sent directly to a server for analysis via WLAN

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