Mold sampling

In injection molding, the process of finding the best possible setting on the injection molding machine is called mold sampling.
The aim is to find the parameters that ensure the best possible quality for the molded part and compliance with given dimensions and tolerances
It is important that the setting of the parameters is always reproducible, i.e. controllable. In this context, the documentation of the parameters found therefore has top priority.
Systematic tool sampling ensures an economical process, high-quality parts and a trouble-free series process.

Mould sampling in Plastic Industry by KKT

Quality assurance: Documentation of the process parameters via the IMG programme

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An important part of a unit cost calculation is the process of setting up an injection mold.
Set-up is the preparation of the injection molding machine for the production of a specific molded part.
This includes setting up the molds, adjusting the machine parameters and checking the production processes.
The aim is to ensure smooth production. Efficient set-up is therefore crucial in order to maximize productivity and ensure the quality of the parts produced.

Set-up in Injection Molding

Injection molding process: Clamping the tool as part of the setup process

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This glossary of plastic industry is provided by PLEXPERT Canada Inc.