PoE Switch

A network switch that combines the functions of a conventional switch with the option of supplying connected devices with power via the Ethernet cable is called a PoE switch.
PoE stands for Power-over-Ethernet. This technology enables data transmission and power supply to PoE-capable end devices, such as VoIP telephones and surveillance cameras, via the RJ45 network cable.
The advantages are the cost savings for the installation of power and network cables in locations without sockets, as well as the reliability due to a constant power supply (when using a UPS).
In addition, managed PoE switches offer the ability to remotely restart connected devices, reducing downtime.

PoE switches can typically deliver power from 15 watts (PoE) up to 90 watts (PoE++) per port. It is important to note that the actual power a switch can deliver depends on several factors, including the number of PoE devices connected and the overall capacity of the switch. It is advisable to check the specifications of the PoE switch in question to determine the exact power per port.

PoE Switch in Injection Molding

Automation technology: PoE switch with five ports

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