Networks for data transmission are present in every company and are used for communication between different end devices.
Especially in the environment of IoT, the existing data network receives an additional benefit through the use of PoE devices.
POE stands for Power over Ethernet. In addition to data transmission, the power supply of end devices is also realised by using an eight-core Ethernet cable. The power supply is provided by appropriate switches to which the end devices (e.g. infrared cameras) are directly connected via Ethernet.
The main advantage results from the elimination of a separate power supply for the respective end device and the thus reduced installation costs.
It should be noted that POE can usually only be used for network devices that require low power. These are e.g. IP telephones, small servers, cameras, etc.

POE in Injection Molding

Automation technology : Rear of a POE switch with connections for power supply

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