Multi-Cavity Mold

If several parts are produced in one cycle (one shot), the mold is called a multi-cavity mold.
For the production of e.g. four identical parts, the short term is a 4 cavity mold.
If mirrored parts are produced in one mold, for example, two left and two right side parts, the common name for the mold is 2+2 cavity mold.
In the case of different parts produced in one mold, the technical term is family mold.
(4 different cavities = 4 cavity family mold).

In multi-cavity molds, the balancing of the runner is vital to get a homogeneous filling of the parts.
This is important to avoid overpacking of single cavities and this ensures the same quality of all parts that will be produced.

Multi-Cavity Mold in Injection Molding

Injection mold: Insert for a 4 cavity mold to produce 4 identical parts.

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