Measuring machine (tactile)

Tactile measuring machines are often used to determine the geometric properties of plastic molded parts, for example.
These work by sensing (tactile) surface contours and features.
During the measuring process, a probe moves to specific points or along the surface of a molded part.
The determined dimensions (actual) are compared with the specified dimensions (target) and deviations are determined.

A measuring machine can be used to check the dimensional accuracy, form accuracy and other dimensional properties of molded parts and tools.

Thanks to its high precision and reliability, the tactile measuring machine enables efficient quality control and assurance during the production process.
The measurements help to detect errors at an early stage, reduce rejects and improve production quality.

Measuring machine (tactile) in Plastic Industry
Measuring machine (tactile) in Plastic Industry

Measuring technology: Figure 1: Tactile measurement of a mold cavity
Measurement technology: Figure 2: Tactile measurement of a plastic molded part

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