is a short for a parameter that was defined to determine how well and effectively a specific production equipment is used.
OEE means Overall Equipment Effictiveness.
The parameter indicates the maximum possible output in defined production intervals.
This corresponds to the real productivity in percent.
The calculation is made by multiplying the factors availability (A) in percent, the performance (P) in percent, and the quality (Q) of the manufactured parts in percent.
This results in the formula to:
OEE = A * P Q
Availablility (0,85) x Performance (0,90) x Quality (0,985) = 0,75 OEE by means 75%
A (theoretical value) OEE of 100% means that there is 100% availability of an production equipment in a production.
This means that there are no production failures, a cycle time to speed performance of 100% and also 100% production of good parts.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness [OEE]  in Injection Molding

Quality Assurance: Formula to calculate the parameter OEE

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