Course: Moldex3D 2022 pre- and post-processing

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The course Moldex3D 2022 pre- and post-processing provides a short introduction into Moldex3D Studio with the meshing method called: eDesign.

After taking this course you will be able to prepare your own model for simulation, adding material and process parameters and start the simulation.
You can look at the results and know the best functions to help you with the interpretation of the important results.
Truly this course is a fast way to understand the basic features of Moldex3D eDesign and let you run your first simulations smoothly.

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You will learn

  • To setup a project for Moldex3D Studio
  • The mouse gestures for moving, turning and zooming in and out
  • To add a runner
  • The eDesign meshing of the part
  • To choose the appropriate material
  • To change the process parameters
  • To start a simulation
  • Useful tools for the result interpretation

This enables you to

  • Create own simulation projects
  • Start simulations
  • Look at the important results
  • Understand the Moldex3D eDesign concept


About Moldex3D 2022 pre- and post-processing

Starting with a new software shall not be challenging but fun. Therefore this course provides you a walk through, how to work with Moldex3D eDesign using the Moldex3D Studio R17.
The most important features for running a simulation in Moldex3D and to evaluate the results will be explained.
We will start with a new project setup, then insert a geometry and run the simulation.
Mouse gestures for moving, turning and zooming in and out are shown.
And we will take a look to how a runner system is added easily inside Moldex3D.

To prepare the simulation the melt entrance will be set and the part meshed using the eDesign mode.
Then we will see how simple it is to follow the material selection and search for other materials.
After that the process parameters are checked and the simulation will be started.

Together we will have a look to the results we get from the simulation.
First we will change the view, check the log files and use the result advisor.
Cutting, Slicing and the Isosurface result will give us an inside view of the parts behavior.
Different time steps help to figure out, for example, the necessary packing time.
At the end, the deformation settings help us to see the warpage tendency.

As you will see, working with Moldex3D eDesign is simple and fun.
The aim of this course is to quickly start working with the software and learn the key features needed to do so.


This course is for

  • Part designer
  • Mold maker
  • Novice in Plastic Industry
  • CAE-Team
  • Injection molder
  • Quality manager
  • Department leader
  • Simulation-Team
  • Project Buyer
  • Project manager
  • Head of design
  • Key account manager
  • Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Required Software

Moldex3D Studio


Course details

For basic skill level

Around 60 min in duration

Video On-Demand lessons (1)

Spoken script by the author

Expertise knowledge described step-by-step in text

Additional explanations on important technical terms

Full access on computer or mobile for one year

Certificate of completion when you finish the course

(1) Video streaming is part of the e-learning and shall be accessible in your browser.

Course Specialist

Inka Sanden


Project Management Simulation at PLEXPERT GmbH.

I am specialist in injection molding simulation with Moldex3D for many years.


My work includes the support of Moldex3D as one of the most advanced simulation systems on the market.
Support questions on injection molding simulation and Moldex3D are coming in daily basis. Therefore, consulting services in terms of simulation, result interpretation and comparison to real processes is my every day work.


Besides that, I perform training courses to support our customers on using Moldex3D and understand better injection molding process. Participants on my course learn how to work and improve their daily experience with injection molding in general and in Moldex3D specifically.
Feel free to contact me regarding any question on your current projects.