Course: Xscale introduction



A scale can be used during the complete injection molding production.
Starting with the measurement of the masterbatch, figuring out the correct packing time, use it for quality check or for the part count.

There are a lot of possibilities.
The software “Xscale” simplifies all these measurements.

This course explains how you can work with the free software “Xscale” to benefit the most from your scale.

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You will learn

  • Calculate and weigh the correct amount of masterbatch
  • Find and document the maximum packing time
  • Control and document the part weight
  • Calculate and control the mixing ratio of two or three components
  • Count a given amount of parts through their total weight

This enables you to

  • Get the most out of your scale
  • Have a documentation of the weighing
  • Achieve a higher quality throughout the process


About course: "Xscale - Introduction"

Weight is a very important factor for plastic parts.
Therefore, a scale can be used throughout the injection molding process.
Before going to the machine, the correct amount of master batch for the production needs to be weighed.
Next, the setter needs to find out the correct packing time.
This time can be figured out the best by comparing the influence of the packing time on the part weight.
During the production, it is important to control and document the stability of the production.
This can be done by weighing the parts as well.
For pad printing or a production with polyurethane, it is important to determine the right mixing ratio.
Last but not least, the part count can be simplified with a scale. This way the correct amount of parts can be easily figured out to be sent to the customer.

The Software “Xscale” is developed by Plexpert to simplify all of these weighing steps.
Documentation of the important values and the setting of the possible tolerances make the usage of “Xscale” very valuable.
Furthermore, “Xscale” can be linked to the other Plexpert programs to get even more benefits.
Try it out now, it is a free software and is simple to use.
This course explains all the functions in detail to make sure that you can get the most out of “Xscale” and your scale.


This course is for

  • Novice in Plastic Industry
  • Setter
  • Injection molder
  • Quality manager
  • Department leader
  • Project manager
  • Shop floor manager
  • Apprentices
  • Supply Chain
  • Key Account Managment
  • Management



Software: Xscale Software (Free)
Hardware: Scale with RS232


Course details

For basic skill level

Around 60 min in duration

Video On-Demand lessons (1)

Spoken script by the author

Expertise knowledge described step-by-step in text

Additional explanations on important technical terms

Full access on computer or mobile for one year

Certificate of completion when you finish the course

(1) Video streaming is part of the e-learning and shall be accessible in your browser.

Course Specialist

Inka Sanden


Project Management Simulation at PLEXPERT GmbH.

I am specialist in injection molding simulation with Moldex3D for many years.


Analyzing and optimizing molds for many years it is still astonishing for me to see that many companies do not pay close attention to one of the most important things on a mold - the cooling system.
Due to the huge impact of the cooling system on quality, time and money I had the idea to clarify what are the important factors and how one can make more out of the mold.


Enjoy the course and if you should have questions regarding one of your own molds, just contact me.