Course: Effective Cooling

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Full comprehensive eLearning Course, covering all aspects to understand the importance of efficient cooling and boosting your molding productivity.

Most part designer and project manager think at once of warpage, shrinkage, weld lines and air traps,
while the importance of the cooling system is mostly ignored.

The truth is that the cooling time has the largest amount on total cycle time.
Considering the old saying “time is money”, it is obvious now why the cooling system needs to be put first.
With a proper design of the cooling layout, the part can be cooled quickly and the cycle time will be reduced to save costs.

This course provides the basics behind cooling and leads to the point where it becomes obvious how cooling can influence the warpage of a part.
Design rules are explained using examples out of injection molding simulation and practical experience on the shop floor level supported by IR-ThermalSystem.

After completing the course you will be able to understand the value of cooling to reduce cycle time, save costs and get a higher quality of any part.

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You will learn

  • The influence of temperature differences on warpage
  • About typical problems in the mold design
  • About the corner effect
  • How to use mold inserts
  • About hoses and serial and conformal cooling
  • What results you can obtain in cooling simulation

This enables you to

  • Design the best cooling system
  • Save cycle time and costs
  • Reduce part warpage due to different temperatures
  • Improve the quality of the parts
  • Understand simulation results on cooling


About Effective Cooling - Maximize your Productivity

Every mold in the injection molding industry does have a cooling system.
However, most people don't look at it in detail or understand in deep the value of cooling.
This results in creating a design with not enough or unnecessary cooling channels, badly connected hoses or wrongly selected cooling devices.
With that, high warpage and higher part costs will occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the principals of a cooling system in order to improve the quality of the part, as well as to save cycle time and costs.

The easiest way to understand cooling and control the influence of different channel layouts is to run injection molding simulations and analyse the cooling results.

Starting without a mold to find hot spots up to a complete analysis of the cooling system is a step by step process.
The different steps, their influence and the correct cooling design are explained in this course.

Changing only small things like the size of the mold, the temperature of the coolant etc., can lead to large influences on a part.

More expensive solutions, like mold inserts and variothermal cooling, are explained to give you a better idea of what you need in your specific mold to get the best out of it.

Finally, examples proven, not only from simulation but also from IRTS, will be shown to complete the course and underline the importance of cooling.


This course is for

Everyone who needs to deal with the cooling system or who is just interested in what to change to optimize the part and lower its costs.
It is vital for:

  • Mold maker
  • CAE-team
  • Department leader
  • Simulation team
  • Project manager
  • Head of design
  • Key account manager
  • Head of manager


Course details

For basic skill level

Around 60 min in duration

Video On-Demand lessons (1)

Spoken script by the author

Expertise knowledge described step-by-step in text

Additional explanations on important technical terms

Full access on computer or mobile for one year

Certificate of completion when you finish the course

(1) Video streaming is part of the e-learning and shall be accessible in your browser.

Course Specialist

Inka Sanden


I am specialist in injection molding simulation with Moldex3D for many years.


Analyzing and optimizing molds for many years it is still astonishing for me to see that many companies do not pay close attention to one of the most important things on a mold - the cooling system.
Due to the huge impact of the cooling system on quality, time and money I had the idea to clarify what are the important factors and how one can make more out of the mold.


Enjoy the course and if you should have questions regarding one of your own molds, just contact me.