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As simple as a scale might look, it can actually become a powerful tool.
In plastic industry, weight plays an important role.

If we think about the injection molding process, there might be the need to calculate the weight of masterbatch to color a given resin.
During set up of a mold, the setter has to determine the packing time.
Of course, this is done by taking a look to the weight of the part.

Moreover, in production, weight is one important parameter used for quality control.
It is important to mix the color and hardener in the right proportion to print on parts after production.

Finally, if we think about packaging parts, the number of parts put in a box will be counted according to the part weight.

All these important factors can be done with Xscale Software and your scale with an RS232 interface.

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Xscale unites all important functions needed in the plastic industry.
Any scale with RS232 interface can be connected to Xscale by setting up the right parameter and by using the appropriate cable.
All connected scales can be stored in a central database in order to have one software for all scales.

Target group
As a setter, one task is to prepare masterbatch to color plastic resin as well as determine the maximum packing time.
A quality manager needs to check the part weight during production since it is a valuable criteria for part quality.
Using tampon printing for example, a worker needs to measure the right portions of color and hardener to ensure the same printing quality.
Furthermore, a warehouse worker will be able to count easily parts by their weight.

• Combine all weight functions needed in the plastic industry in one application.
• Central database to store information about different scales as well as quality data.
• Online calibration service for scales.
• DFQ interface to be used with CAQ system.
• Export of .csv files with measured data.
• Automated alarm function during weight in process.

Xscale is all that is needed to help to do all the calculations required to get things done in the right way.
Guided workflow with graphic information for an easy use of the software.
Once the connection to a scale is set, all functions can be used directly by just clicking a button.
Warnings will be issued if, in an automated process, a given upper or lower limit is reached.
Important information will be recorded and stored in the central database to ensure traceability and to ensure best quality.
The app is ready to implement InMold Solver and Xmold Softwares for even more convenient use and autofill of given input fields.
Find a direct access to the glossary for the plastic industry, as well as the e-Learning platform enables users to enlarge their knowledge.
Moreover, the best thing is that it is for free!

Verified scales
Any scale with RS232 can be connected:
Click here to see scale models that are already in use

Available in English, German, Chinese and Thai
Minimum Requirements Windows 7, 1.2GHz, 2GB Ram, 3GB hard disc space
Scale with RS232 interface,
Cable to connect with a PC (maybe using a RS232 to USB converter)
Scale handbook to set up the RS232 interface

Please note that Xscale is a free digital good, so after you add to cart and place order in checkout (no hidden fees), you will receive a download link from which you can get and install the software.