Molded Interconnected Device (MID)

If an integration of electronic, optical and mechanical functions is realized in one part, the part is called MID part.
MID is short for the term Molded Interconnected Device. In a newer description, MID is also referred to Mechatronic Integrated Device.
When it comes to injection molding, a part is produced using a thermoplast with additives. With this, the optical and mechanical properties are defined.
After the production, there is a second step (e.g. using the LDS process) in order to activate the additives. This is important to allow metallisation of the part in a third step.
The metallisation is used to create the circuit lines in order to prepare the base for mounting SMD elements for completing the electrical function of an MID part.
Besides this, the MID technology is widely used in creating antenna for mobile communication.

Molded Interconnect Device (MID) in Plastic Industry

MID-sample model with LED display and sensor pads.

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