Innovative ideas, products and services are still mainly presented at industry-specific trade fairs.
These fairs are organised in the region or supra-regionally.

In the past, trade fairs were used to request information about specific products from several manufacturers who were on site at the trade fair.

Today, this information must be available immediately.
Search engines on the Internet show many results for queries, which often have to be evaluated laboriously.

The Kunststoffmesse24.de platform has been set up to bundle industry-specific information and keep it permanently available.

This gives companies a further presence on the Internet with backlinks and marketing posts in the social media in addition to their homepage.

Access to Kunststoffmesse24 is permanently available around the clock.

Kunststoffmesse24 in Plastic Industry
Kunststoffmesse24 in Plastic Industry

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General: Kunststoffmesse24

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