The family of polyesters include the thermoplastic polyethylene perephthalate (PET), which is produced by polycondensation.

PET is particularly known for the blow molding product of the PET bottles, but it is also used for films and textile fibers.

PET exists in the amorphous (A-PET) and semi-crystalline (C-PET) state.
The properties between the two kinds vary widely. The strength is higher with PET-C, but its impact resistance is low. For PET-A it is the other way around.
Polyethylene terephthalate has bad insulation properties and does not tolerate hot water.

The synthesis of this plastic can be completely reversed, thus it is possible to recycle PET.

PET in Plastic Industry

Plastic: Infrared observation of the cooling of a preform for a PET-bottle.

PET in Plastic Industry

Plastic: Various bottles made of PET (polyethylene perephthalate)

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