After changing the color or material on plastic processing machines, the new production often causes problems due to material residues within the plasticizing unit or the hot runner.
In order to avoid this, cleaning granulates are used, which make the material switch easier.
As a result of a chemical or mechanical cleaning action, residues, for example in the cylinder of the injection molding machine or on the screw, are dissolved and rinsed out.
Through the use of cleaning granules, the wasted material during production of molded parts and the time for material or color changes is reduced. The duration of the cleaning process depends essentially on the manufacturer’s specifications. While some manufacturers specify reaction times, cleaning granules exist entirely without residence times and can be injected directly after plasticizing. As a rule of thumb two to three times of the maximum dosage volume are required as quantity. The notes of each manufacturer about the quantity should be considered as a reference.

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