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Ease for the daily work
Daily tasks become more and more complex.
At PLEXPERT, we develop and deliver practical applications to make your life easier.

Digitization and automation as well as high transparency regarding data storage and data usage take the center stage.

In the following you will get a short overview about recommended products:

Xscale – Level up your scale solutions

As simple as a scale might look, it can actually become a powerful tool.
In plastic industry, weight plays an important role.

If we think about the injection molding process, there might be the need to calculate the weight of masterbatch to color a given resin.
During set up of a mold, the setter has to determine the packing time.
Of course, this is done by taking a look to the weight of the part.

Moreover, in production, weight is one important parameter used for quality control.
It is important to mix the color and hardener in the right proportion to print on parts after production.

Finally, if we think about packaging parts, the number of parts put in a box will be counted according to the part weight.

All these important factors can be done with Xscale Software and your scale with an RS232 interface.

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DiagBes Web 4.0

To support mold makers and injection molder in order to work more effectively with their molds, we offer this free software.

Based on many years of research done by the German institute Kunststoffzentrum in Leipzig gGmbH, the software includes strategies to solve the most common injection molding defects.
This includes air traps, burn marks, warpage, color stripes and many more.

Setter and quality manager use the software next to the machine in order to identify the category of a defect, compare any given defect with images shown on DiagBes Web 4.0 and select the right strategy to address the problem.

In a step by step process the strategies to overcome a given defect will be displayed to the user.
The software learns in interaction with the user to make sure to show always the most effective solution strategy.

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Xmold – Ease and digitize Mold Management (Coming Soon)

To support mold makers and injection molder in order to work more effectively with their molds, we offer this free software.

The installation includes a web server which is used directly inside the company network (intranet). With this information can be displayed via a browser on any mobile device.

The current version enables the input of master data and has a simple user administration.
Barcodes can be printed directly for the labeling of storage shelves.

The same applies to the mold labeling signs for the PLEXPERT Xtag. They can be printed quickly and easily.

Using a scanner helps to book/rebook injection molds easily.

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