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Ensuring that only the good parts that meet the quality requirements leave the production line is the supreme goal of every plastics processing operation – in sectors ranging from automotive supply and medical technology to electronics. Reliable process control is the key to achieving this goal. Mold sensors in combination with the ComoNeo allow information to be obtained directly from inside the cavity and are used for this purpose.

On the basis of cavity pressure data the V/P switch over can be controlled, for example through the continuous automatic algorithm of the ComoNeoSWITCH option. The ComoNeo Multiflow option can also balance the hot runner system based on the mold cavity pressure – no matter which machines, molds and peripherals are in use. Using evaluation objects as monitoring functions, the parts can be sorted on the basis of the cavity pressure curves.

All relevant molding data is fully documented. The course guides the user through the functionalities of the ComoNeo and shows step by step how to use the device to boost the efficiency in plastics processing.

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You will learn

  • An overview of the ComoNeo set up and its functions
  • The importance of the Process Control options and monitoring functions of ComoNeo
  • Automatic hot runner balancing with the ComoNeoMULTIFLOW option
  • The V/P switch over options, including fully automated switch over with the ComoNeoSWITCH option
  • Evaluation of the part quality through specific evaluation objects utilizing the cavity pressure curves
  • Prediction of the part quality through models created with a design of experiment (DoE) – utilizing the ComoNeoPREDICT option

This enables you to

  • To set up the ComoNeo according to a specific molding application
  • Understand the correct use of ComoNeo’s features
  • To optimize, analyze and monitor the molding process with ComoNeo


About ComoNeo - Process Monitoring System for Injection Molding and Composite Applications Course

The ComoNeo is a process monitoring system for cavity pressure-based optimization, monitoring and documentation of injection molding processes and composite applications developed by Kistler. The ComoNeo is specifically designed for the requirements of injection molding processes.

Using sensors in the mold, the pressure and temperature inside the cavity is measured and can be displayed on the ComoNeo. Furthermore, monitoring, controlling and optimization functions are available.

This course covers the functionalities of the ComoNeo and shows step by step instructions how to set up the ComoNeo. The course begins with the Maintenance menu, followed by the Device settings. After these basic settings have been made the mold can be created and the mold sensors can be assigned. Afterwards the control settings are made. The V/P switch over can be controlled through a user defined pressure threshold or the optional ComoNeoSWITCH feature, an algorithm which automatically and continuously detects the optimal switch over point. With the optional ComoNeoMULTIFLOW feature automatic and continuous hot runner balancing can be achieved on the basis of the cavity pressure curves. The General thresholds allow the user to set real time threshold to control various events during the injection process. The Monitoring menu allows the user to set Evaluation Objects (EO), which are monitoring functions based on specific evaluation criteria. These can be used for the quality evaluation of the parts in the individual cavities. The EO Wizard will select a correct EO Type automatically and provides help setting the EO limits. ComoNeoPREDICT is an optional feature that enables the prediction of the part quality based on a design of experiment (DoE). The Analysis menu allows recording and evaluating molding curve data. Various process trends for analyzing are available with different visualization options.


This course is for

  • Mold maker
  • Injection molder
  • Quality manager
  • Manufacturing engineering


Course details

For Intermediate skill level

Around 90 min in duration

Video On-Demand lessons (1)

Subtitled script through the lessons

Expertise knowledge described step-by-step in text

Additional explanations on important technical terms

Full access on computer or mobile for one year

Certificate of completion when you finish the course

(1)Video streaming is part of the e-learning and shall be accessible in your browser.

Course Specialists

Dr. –Ing. Robert Vaculik


Head of Strategic Business Field Plastics at Kistler Instrumente AG

I have been working at Kistler since five and a half years as head of the strategic business field plastics, being responsible for the P&L performance of the SBF Plastics worldwide and setting the strategic direction worldwide.


Throughout my professional life, I have dealt with injection. I have more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of plastics processing in various positions as process and project manager, development manager up to business unit manager mostly in the automotive Tier 1 industry.

Ksenia Wittekindt


Head of Sales Support at Kistler Instrumente GmbH

For 2.5 years I have been working at Kistler as Sales support engineer.
I’ m in charge for the technical support of our software products and advice our customers how to use Kistler products and optimize theirs processes to ensure the best quality in the production of plastic parts.


Besides that, I hold training courses about the setup and functionalities of our software products ComoNeo and ComoDataCenter.