2 Shot Molding

In injection molding, two different materials (also known as components) are frequently used to produce one part.
The materials can be completely different (hard and soft polymers) or have the same base but with different color.
In the 2 Shot Molding process, the first component is injected into the cavity and cooled down up to a certain point.
Afterwards, the first component is transported, for example, by a rotating dish tool or a robot, to a new cavity to inject the second component on top of it.
It is important to consider the different processing temperatures.
The remelting of the first component is not wanted.
At the same time, both components should stick together.

Two Shot Molding in Plastic Industry

Injection Molding Process: In the 2 shot molding, the second component (white) is injected on top of the first component (black).

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