Autarkic Temperature Control

Water is mainly used as coolant in injection molding.
It is required as cold and hot water.
If a cooling device is not connected to an external water supply, but creates cold water through an internal module, the device is called autarkic temperature control.
In this case of self-sufficient temperature control, both the water replenishment and the cooling take place independently of an on-site cooling network.

With this double benefit, a mains-independent cooling and heating process with temperatures of 20 °C to 90 °C is possible.
Higher temperatures up to 400 °C are generated electrically.

Mostly mobile, the cooling and temperature control unit can be matched in its performance to the production process and stands next to the machine(s).

Autarkic Temperature Control in Plastic Industry by ERS

Temperature Control: Autarkic temperature control with the cooling system of the type STC.

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