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(Offered in Germany at the moment)
One of the most important things to do is to increase it’s own know how. The rapid progress of the technologies bring new demands that we have to face.

Since a clear and individual transfer of knowledge lead to the greatest learning effect, we have aligned our Xplain seminars on that. In small groups we share our knowledge and substantiate the contents of the seminars with illustrative practical examples. This can be done locally in the company directly and related to a current production or in one of our own seminar rooms.

Our experts have more than 25 years of practical experience in the field of plastic processing and process simulation.

Practical expertise has been built up through a large number of successful projects and the development of numerous solutions.

Through our own developments and research projects we constantly expand our know-how.

In our own laboratory we examine and develop new processes and ideas. As a result, we are and will always be at the cutting edge of technology.

Understanding Simulation

Simulations are part of a consistent optimization process and are part of the daily work.
But what should be considered? Which results of the simulation are important at which point and how can the validity be evaluated in practice?

During the seminar it will be clarified:

• Which results are important for the process
• What content must a simulation report have
• How far can the results be trusted
• Where are pitfalls in evaluating the results
• How can results be checked …

The seminar is aimed at all employees who make decisions based on simulation results. These include mold and tool designers, project managers, setters and quality managers.

The contents for the items of the agenda are intensively worked on and discussed in small groups.

Infrared for Injection Molding

Process automation and quality assurance are essential components of Industry 4.0 thought. Within the processing of plastics, temperature plays a decisive role.

The distribution of the temperature and the examination of changes over time can be captured with infrared cameras.

The seminar is aimed at project managers, setters and quality managers. In addition to the theoretical fundamentals of infrared technology, practical applications of infrared cameras are shown. Limits and benefits of technology are discussed.

One focus is injection molding. IR-ThermalSystem, as the world’s first and unique system, communicates directly with the injection molding machine and peripheral units. This provides a complete process integration. Which requirements are needed and which benefits result in the production is presented in a practical way.

The handling of the world’s leading simulation software is easy to learn. Users quickly come to first results. And this is the easy step into the world of simulation.

It becomes challenging when it comes to putting the information gained into practice and making decisions to solve problems that arise.

Participants will learn how to maximize the benefit of their simulation software and how to avoid hidden pitfalls. This ensure the maximum use of what simulation software can offer. Due to individual training and use of own practice data a maximum on know-how transfer is granted.

The seminars are offered in regular intervals in our own rooms and can also be held on the company site.

The number of participants is limited. A group of maximum six participants leads to a lively exchange of information. In this way, we ensure that practical knowledge is best communicated in order to strengthen the skills and abilities of the participants.

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