Integrate Systems

Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0
IR-ThermalSystem (Infrared Camera for plastic Industry) interaction with network, software, DIO, Sensor, Cooling System and Injection Molding Machine.
Industry 4.0 is a German preamble to ensure a modern and flexible process chain. It stands for the integration of different systems and a continuously flow of data. In the US Industry 4.0 is known as Iot (Internet of things)

Japan formed the preamble of Society 5.0 to enlarge the above concept and take people into account of the whole process chain. In addition to that the question is raised how people will live and work in the future.

As PLEXPERT we take care of these two major approaches while integrating our systems and services into existing work flow structures. With our smart solutions and future oriented ideas we achieve a maximum value for our customers.

IR-ThermalSystem camera in Injection Molding Machine. Infrared camera (IR Camera) for Plastic Industry
IR-ThermalSystem, is our injection molding quality control system. It is the center of the integration for a variety of devices under one roof. At a high level of automation all process data are collected and analyzed.

Within five minutes the system is active on any injection molding machine.

Based on the information given by the IR-ThermalSystem, the setter understands the temperature distribution within the mold and is able to optimize the process. This way the cycle time will be reduced and resources saved.

From one shot to another, the infrared camera analyses the temperature on the part, showing trends within the process and visualizing critical areas on the mold immediately. If there are fluctuations an alarm will be sent. Therefore, important quality related information will be transmitted directly to the injection molding machine and appropriate measures can be taken.
IR-ThermalSystem camera software analysing temperature on a part. Infrared camera (IR Camera) for Plastic Industry
IR-ThermalSystem Camera interacting with Injection Molding Machine. Infrared camera (IR Camera) for Plastic Industry
The Process Manager and Quality Manager receive valuable information to implement and maintain a fully automated process.

All components where developed and tested over many years to ensure high stability and ease of use.

Years of work with modern companies using light house projects and analyzing the data lead to the creation of a practical system that can be used by everyone.

Companies from different fields, like household appliances, electronic, automotive and medical, use our technology as warranty for high efficient and stable processes.

IR-ThermalSytem Camera vision. Infrared camera (IR Camera) for Plastic Industry