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Today, simple badges are used to identify injection molds. The lettering is often done using striking letters.
After the badge has been attached to the injection molding mold, it serves to identify the owner, the manufacture date and to locate the mold in the warehouse.
The PLEXPERT Xtag fulfills all these tasks and also provides significant improvements on top of that.

By using self-printed maps and plaques, it is easy to customize the identification of molds with 1D or 2D barcodes.
During production, one part of the Xtag is mounted on the outside of the machine and displays the status of the mold. From here, information about the mold can be called up directly.

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The PLEXPERT Xtag is the new and modern way to mark injection molds. The ABS product consists of a static and a flexible part.
While the static part is always firmly connected to the mold, the flexible part is removed before starting injection molding and will be attached to the outside of the machine.
Here all the necessary mold information are available for quick access.

Target group
Every mold maker can use the Xtag directly to mark new molds. Existing molds in injection molding companies can be easily retrofitted.

• Two pieces for flexible use.
• Use of different media (paper, RFID / NFC card, chip card …) for mold marking.
• Status display of the mold in production.
• Supported by Xmold software.
• Identification system for up to 128 different molds.

With the Free Xmold software in combination with a barcode scanner, the injection molds can be booked in the warehouse.
As visual aid during production, the condition of the mold is indicated by a clear coloring.
Further information about the mold can be called up directly.
Xtag is more than a classic injection mold tag and makes an important contribution to modern, future-oriented smart injection molding.

Use the Free Xmold software to expand the possibilities of Xtags.

Dimensions 62 x 100 x 12 mm
Instructions Available in English, German, Thai and Chinese
Purchase Includes • One Xtag (blue or yellow)
• Two CAD data files for drilling holes or a pocket
• Step-by-step instructions
Minimum Requirements For mounting on the mold 4 holes with M3 thread. CAD data for drilling holes or a pocket is available free of charge
Shipping to your company 1-2 business days (Germany)
2-4 business days (Europe)
5-9 business days (International)