IR-ThermalSystem on-demand

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In injection molding the surface temperature of a plastic part is a very important quality criteria.

Taking a look to the infrared image from the IR-ThermalSystem enables the user to:
• Identify hot spots
• Check the proper connection of cooling channels
• Identify flashing
• Control the filling of the cavity
• Check the stability of the process
• Find the lowest cycle time

The constant recording and a control of critical areas ensure a stable injection molding process.
The system can be set up within five minutes on any injection molding machine.
It is easy to use the software and start analyzing any part.

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When it comes to quality of plastic parts, temperature plays the most important role.
Based on years of experience in simulation software and process optimization, PLEXPERT developed the world wide first software system to use an infrared camera inline with injection molding process.
The system can stand alone or be fully integrated in a production cell.

Target group
Setter can use the software in order to find the lowest cycle time, check if all cooling channels are connected properly and see if the flow rate of the coolant is set correctly.
Moreover, hot spots and temperature drifts can be seen. As well as the cause of warpage or shiny surfaces can be identified.

• Software to connect to PLEXPERT IR-camera.
• Reading and writing of thermal data to a central database (included in the package).
• Dynamic setting of control areas with definition of upper and lower limits.
• Software run on a Windows Laptop or PC (please check requirements below).

• Reduction in cycle time and hence reduction in part costs.
• Secure process and quality.
• Control of cooling lines and identification oc causes leading to problems visible on the produced part

Available in English, German, Chinese and Thai
Minimum Requirements Windows 10, 3 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, 4 GB disc space
Initial To startup and run the software, one infrared camera, one magnetic stand and all needed cables will be provided for a period of one month.
Additional information An online training need to be done before the software an be used.