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While producing injection molding parts, problems can occur:
Warpage, sink marks, jetting, discoloration and among others.

The important thing is to identify the defect correctly and to find appropriate counter measures to solve it.
This is where InMold Solver comes into play.
Run the software within your company network and approved solutions will be shown right at your finger tip.

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InMold Solver is a client-server based software dedicated to be used in injection molding. On the shop floor, the information will be available on any device with a standard browser.

Target group
Setter and quality managers will be the first ones who will identify a defect on a part in production.
In this case, it is vital to identify the kind of defect and check all available solutions to solve it.

• Discover all common injection molding defects and solution strategies
• Intranet based client-server solution with central database
• Flexible to build up your company specific know-how database
• Access through standard web browser on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone)
• The software learns and shows best solutions first
• Registering of all defect parts
• Statistic to analyze main causes of defects
• New: Co2e calculation on defected parts

Using the software provides a structured solution finding.
New solutions will be recorded and are available for all other users afterwards.
The intelligent system evaluates used solutions and will show best solution strategies for future defects
The available statistics help to identify main causes of defects.
With this, measures can be taken in order to prevent defects in the future.

Learn more and try our InMold Solver Full Version

Trial Version Contains two common injection molding defects
Duration 60 days
Available in English, German and Thai
Minimum Requirements Win10, AMD 1.2 GHz, 4GB RAM, 50MB in hard disk space

Please note that InMold Solver Trial Version is a free digital good, so after you add to cart and place order in checkout (no hidden fees), you will receive a download link from which you can get and install the software.