System Cooler

The name compression chiller refers often to system cooler.
In the injection molding industry, they are used to draw the thermal energy from the coolant.
Cooling channels use the coolant with a lower temperature, for example, to regulate the flow temperature.
In a system cooler, the consumption water is actively cooled by compression.
The usual temperatures in industrial/plastic application are in between 5 °C to 25 °C.

System coolers are divided into:
1. Air cooled:
In the air-cooled version, the waste heat (condenser energy) is released into the ambient air. The advantage here is that the system cooler works independently, without on-site cooling network.
2. Water-based:
In the case of water-based chillers, the warm water is returned to an on-site water cycle (domestic water, well or river water).

System Cooler in Plastic Industry by ERS
System Cooler in Plastic Industry by ERS

Image 1: System cooler as small as tabletop unit type SC..K
Image 2: Temperature Control: Floor model type SC..S.

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