Static Mixer

Due to the predominate laminar flow regime in injection molding processes, primarily static mixers have the task to homogenize the melt temperature and equalizing the flow profile.
The mixing is done solely by the melt flow through flow regulating elements inside the mixer, which is placed in front of the machine nozzle.
With an optimal mixture, color inhomogeneities are eliminated leading to less needed color.
Static mixers are adapted to the injection volume of the machine. Therefore, a lowest possible pressure loss and energy input can be realized. All this can be realized with an excellent melt homogeneity independent from the through put. The product quality can be highly improved by the usage of a static mixer.

Static Mixer in Plastic Industry by Rumass & Partners
Static Mixer in Plastic Industry by Rumass & Partners
The flow regulating elements in the static mixer lead to a homogeneous melt temperature.
Static Mixer

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