Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Metal Injection Molding is A PIM-process in which fine-powdered metal is mixed with a thermoplastic plastic binder material to a Compound is called metal injection molding. The fine-powdered metals are the feedstock. This feedstock can be processed with plastic injection molding. The plastic injection molding process allows competitive manufacturing of mid to high volumes and mid to high complex part designs.
In a second process step, the molded part is debindered – the thermoplastic binder is removed from the feedstock.
In a third process step, the debindered part is sintered.

Densities of 99,95 % and higher against compact virgin material can be obtained.
Material- and mechanical properties of final processed parts are mostly comparable to the corresponding compact, solid materials.
MIM is very cost competitive against standard multi stage cutting technologies like milling, drilling, grinding, etc.
Best practice examples for MIM-processes: Stainless steel watch-housings, aerospace, textile industry, medical applications and many others.

MIM in Plastic Industry