With a share of nearly 15 % polyethylene is considered a mass plastic resin.
However, there are different polyethylene (PE)-types available.
One of them is called HDPE, where HD stands for high density.
Other names for it are Hard-PE or PE-HD.

In it’s molecular structure the low branched polymer chains lead to a high density between 0.940g/cm³ and 0.970 g/cm³.
Due to its dimensional stability in the temperature range of -50 °C to 70 °C the material is versatile.
As an example, HDPE is used for packaging of food, chemicals or cosmetics.
Pipes, jalousies, foam mats and boats are also made from it.
However, HDPE becomes brittle by UV light and loses its good properties.

HDPE in Injection Molding

Plastic: Spray bottle made of HDPE.

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