Filter Nozzle

Contamination (especially when using recyclates) can be removed from the plastic melt with the help of a filter nozzle.
This saves the often very complex cleaning of the following mold components.
Furthermore the plastic melt is homogenized by the filter nozzle.
This has highly positive effects for the distribution of additives and colorants.

The fitler nozzle is attached to the injection unit using a machine-dependent adapter.
The filter removes any contamination (e.g. metal or wood shavings, not melted material) from the plastic melt.

The filter nozzle is very flexible and can be used for almost every application, as well as for filled materials, due to the different filter fineness.
If the filter is contaminated, it can be flushed without disassembly by an automatic “flushing process”.

Filter Nozzle in Plastic Industry by HFT

Hot Runner: Filter nozzle with two different filter inserts.

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