Cleanroom Concepts

In order to meet the requirements of cleanroom technology in injection molding, there are various ways of including the machine.
The technically simplest variant is called “machine-in-room”.
In this case, the injection molding machine is placed completely in the clean room. The additional waste heat from the machine is unfavorable here, since the heat load must be dissipated by the air conditioning in the clean room.
In addition, the machine represents a source of particles.
To avoid this, in the “Machine in room II” concept only the closing area of the machine is integrated into the clean room.
In the so-called “outside-drop” variant, the machine is located completely outside the cleanroom.
To nevertheless ensure cleanroom-compatible production, the mold area is equipped with special filter fan units (FFU), also known as laminar flow modules (LFM). This ensures that the mold area is flown through with hall air filtered to cleanroom level.
In the “Room-in-Room” machine setup, the machine is located in the clean room. The mold area is also equipped with an FFU. The costs of machine maintenance and mold changes must be taken into account. These vary depending on the concept selected.

Cleanroom Concepts in Plastic Industry by TH-Rosenheim

Injection molding process: Machine setup variants – Clean areas are highlighted in green.

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