Welcome to Xscale!

Weight has a most important role in plastic processing next to temperature of course.
All tasks on the shop floor that are related to weight can be done efficiently with Xscale.

You can:

calculate and weight the amount of masterbatch needed for a given production.
find and document the maximum packing time you can set to produce a specific plastic part.
control and document the part weight within the process from one cycle to another. If wanted .dfq files can be written automatically and used in common CAQ systems.
count a given amount of parts through their total weight.
calculate and control the mixing ratio for two or three components and mix them correctly.

As part of the PLEXPERT product family you can make even more out of Xscale.

In combination with the free Xmold software you can directly use the part and runner weight stored in Xmold. The needed fields in Xscale will be filled automatically to make live easier and more secure.

Terms used in the plastic industry can be looked up directly using the online glossary for the plastic industry. In the same way it is possible to check all available e-learning courses.

All documented injection molding defects can be looked up and solved, if DiagBes is installed within the companies network.
And last, but not least: You can request a simulation directly if there is a problem in production, like warpage, unfilled parts, voids, etc. With the online form it is easy to get a filling or warpage analyse in order to make sure to have a solid base to make the right decission for optimization.

If you have any questions or ideas about Xscale, please let us know. You can use our feedback for provided in Xscale software or online.

Now, enjoy the use of Xscale.
– Your PLEXPERT development team –