Like in the electrical engineering with cabels, the cooling channels in the injection mold may also have parallel connections.

There are two different possibilities to achive parallel cooling.

For the first one, the parallel connections are done directly next to the cooling device.
In order to have a flexible cooling of the mold, multiple cooling devices are needed.
However, sometimes there is only one cooling device available. In this case the flow rate of the cooling device is splitted up using a distributor block.

The second version of a parallel cooling can be found in the mold itself.
One cooling channel is split up in multiple parallel channels. Note that the same flow rate should be given through each of the channels otherwise the effectivity of the channel is reduced.
The advantage of parallel cooling is, that the channels are shorter and the starting situation is the same for each channel.
Especially for multiple cavity molds parallel cooling is a way where identical cooling can be reached for each cavity.

Parallel Cooling in Plastic Industry

Temperature control: Parallel Cooling with two identical flow rates (1) and different diameters (2).

Parallel Cooling in Plastic Industry

Temperature control: Distribution block at the machine for a parallel cooling.

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